Weigh Safe Stainless Steel Clam Shell Tow Ball Adapter - Converts 2" tow balls to 2-5/16"

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Product Details

Weigh Safe Stainless Steel Clam Shell Tow Ball Adapter - Converts 2" tow balls to 2-5/16"

Quick Facts: 

  • CLAM SHELL ADAPTER - The new innovative Weigh Safe Clam Shell Tow Ball Adapter converts most 2" tow balls into a 2-5/16" tow ball which can be used on most bumper pull systems. This Design was pioneered by Weigh Safe, LLC to both simplify and safeguard your towing experience. With the Weigh Safe Clam Shell Tow Ball Adapter you can rest assured that you will always have the correct sized tow ball to haul your load
  • STAINLESS STEEL – The Weigh Safe Tow Ball Adapter is constructed from High Strength Stainless Steel ensuring that this product is highly corrosive resistant and designed to last. The High Quality Materials ensure that this Clam Shell Adapter functions in an array of environments and conditions including: Desert, Marine (Fresh Water & Salt Water), Cross-Country and many more
  • MAGNETIC RETENTION - With 4 built-in magnets the Weigh Safe Clam Shell Adapter has been engineered with your safety in mind. Rigorous field testing has ensured that the Clam Shell will stays in place in the event that the trailer coupler is positioned incorrectly on the ball. In addition, the Magnets allow the user to know when the Clam Shell has been properly placed by snapping into place. (DO NOT KEEP CLAMSHELL ATTACHED TO TOWBALL WITHOUT ATTACHED TRAILER COUPLER)
  • FREE ROTATION – Weigh Safe, LLC’s latest engineering marvel, this Must-Have Towing Accessory has been developed to maintain free rotation about the tow ball. The Free Rotation minimizes both friction wear and increase the longevity of your Clam Shell ensuring optimal performance, mile after mile, adventure after adventure
  • ULTRA LIGHT-WEIGHT - The conservatively designed Clam Shell Adaptor is purposed to minimize the hassle of changing between trailers and vehicles. The lightweight and simple design allows you to store this accessory in your glove box or under the seat without worry of the collateral damage which is typically caused by a full-sized 5 pound 2-5/16" tow ball


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